Below is written by a man that with poor English skills. Read carefully if you really want to read.(But I will say thank you if you really read all the contents below. :) )

Happy Chinese new year! In China, all the Chinese now say goodbye to the “Monkey Year” and step into the “year of Chicken”. Watching the Spring Festival Gala Evening provided by CCTV is a tradition for almost every Chinese. We watch the TV shows with families and share the stories that happend to each in Monkey Year.

For me, it is the third year that my families celebrate the new year without my grandfather, who has gone in 2014. Still feel a little sad that I won’t have chance to hear my grandfather’s voice. And I also regret that I did’t capture any short videos for my grandfather when he is alive. Now what I can do is talk with my grandfather’s portrait.

In this year, there are lots of things happend to me: Get a intership, Pass the graduation thesis defense, Get a third rewards in Alibaba’s Security Competition and also, Re-Become a single doge. :)

But I am still a student now, and this may be my last school-days if I can not get a chance to pursue PhD.

Review the past yesr, I still have a lot of things to do but in fact I did not complete them. So in this year I will try my best to complete what I should have complete in 2016.

First is Tofel. If you do read what I have written above, you will know my English skil need be improved. So I set a aim that to score at least 90 points in Tofel. To realize this, I will spend 2 hours to study English every day. Include reading, listening and speaking.

Second is technique in computer science. There still lots of knowledge I have to study like Compiler-Engineer, Crypto-and-Decrypto, Security and Algorithms. It may be boring to study these, but I will complete them, and I must will.

And the last is to have a girl friend. Yeah, may it is a dream, but may there will be a beauty like me in this year.:)

In the end, thank you for reading the so called English article I written above. Hope u a happy Chinese New Year, no matter whether u are a Chinese or a foreigner.:)